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Students are able to obtain Overseas Practical training visas after the completion of their study in US University.
It is not easy for married couples to use the United States of America education, as a pathway to Immigrate to United States of America.
The United States of America Student Visa department wants to ensure, that there is a genuine interest from the student to study in United States of America.
Most of the Universities in United States of America insist on the student to take the proof of English test. The waiver based on Medium of instruction in English is no more appreciated.

Manipulated documents are not accepted and will be treated as violation of law. Olive, as a reputed United States of America Education Consultant will not be interested to entertain these documents in any process.
Our success rate is very high for Students who wish to study in United States of America Universities or study in United States of America colleges. This is in terms of obtaining admissions in United States of America Universities and also in obtaining United States of America student visas.


Enquiry Form

SRIRAM NARASIMHAN, Virginia International University, USA Adventurous, knowledgeable, fruitful and exciting these four words describe my experience in Virginia International University. Exposure to the extremely passionate teachers and students has made me more passionate about realizing my objectives in life. I am glad that I approached Olive consultancy well on time. The staff took each and every student very seriously and holds themselves accountable towards every student equally. I would want to thank Mr. Anand Manohar from the bottom of my heart, for what I am today. I can vouch for the fact that Olive has the most motivating, encouraging and supportive counsels. This makes Olive the best foreign education consultants in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


My sincere thanks to Olive Consultants. They are working on my applications for more than a year and I really appreciate that stint of ever supporting and most sufficing work. Unlike other consultancies they were never bound to universities in tie up with them, they gave me all possible support to which ever university I chose. Thank you so much for your contribution and support. My special thanks to Yamuna ma’am, Lithia ma’am and Anand sir.


I am extremely grateful to Olive Consultants, they guided me through the entire application and Visa process and pointed out several details which otherwise I would have missed. It was a great experience working with them and the surprising part was that they did not accept payment of any sort for their services from me or any-other students for the matter. I have currently accepted my offer with University of Central Florida for game development course and also received my Visa, all of which was made very smooth and easy with their guidance. I would sincerely like to thank all the people in Olive Consultants for their efforts, specially Mrs. Lithia Anand and Mr. Anand Manohar who helped me out anytime I needed and meeting me when ever I was free. Also would like to thanks Ms. Nivethida who helped me out with all the application process. Appreciate all your efforts. With a grateful heart,

Jerome Pramotheus Jesuraj

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