Tuesday, 13 April, 2021




Our Services for students who wish to study in Sweden Universities or Sweden Colleges include:

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    Please note that we do charge a service fee from students who wish to pursue their higher studies in Swedish Universities or Swedish Colleges.


    Students undertaking a two year full time study in Sweden become eligible to apply for 1 year work permit.

    It is not easy for married couples to use the Sweden education, as a pathway to Immigrate to Sweden.

    The Sweden Student Visa department wants to ensure, that there is a genuine interest from the student to study in Sweden.

    Most of the Universities in Sweden insist on the student to take the proof of English test. The waiver based on Medium of instruction in English is no more appreciated.

    Manipulated documents are not accepted and will be treated as violation of law. Olive, as a reputed Sweden Education Consultant will not be interested to entertain these documents in any process.

    Our success rate is very high for Students who wish to study in Sweden Universities or study in Sweden colleges. This is in terms of obtaining admissions in Sweden Universities and also in obtaining Sweden student visas.