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We process the following visa categories to help applicants move to Canada:

Basic requirements to be eligible for an Immigration visa to Canada:

Applicant must have at least one year diploma study, before launching to work. Qualifications from recognized institutions are safer.
Applicant must have at least two years work experience, within the last 10 years.
Applicant must be above average in English.
It is good if the applicant has knowledge to communicate in French
Must have sufficient funds to relocate to Canada and settle well.

Advantages of using our professional services as canadian immigration consultants:

We have 25 years of experience, in assisting applicants to obtain their Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Pre-assessment (only eligible applicants are taken for Canadian visa process)
Our Canadian Immigration Visa success rate is over 95%.

Educational qualification assessment is done with the credential evaluation board

If a trade applicant, then Canadian certificate of qualification is obtained for the applicant
IELTS preparation classes are given to all our applicants. Main applicants are trained to score clb 10 in IELTS and the spouse applicant to score clb 9 in IELTS.

Very good French tutors are introduced, if the applicant wishes to enhance French knowledge

Guidance and assistance to obtain Jobs in Canada is given, during the visa process duration.

Resume preparation, cover letter preparation, reference letter formats, interview preparation given to our applicants.

Assistance provided to obtain the Police Clearance Certificate.

Assistance is provided to get the Medical certification from the Canadian panel doctors.

Applicants are well prepared to face any interviews with the Visa officers at the Canadian high commission

Once our applicant gets his / her visa, we provide after landing services in Canada, if required. This is an optional service for each applicant.

Airport pick up from the port of landing.
Arranging temporary accommodation in Canada to stay with family for 7 to 10 days.
During this period, houses for rent are shown to the applicant. The applicant can choose their own accommodation to stay in Canada.
Applicants are guided to open their bank account in Canada, apply for their social security, Insurance etc.
Job search assistance is provided for the spouse and any other adult applicant
School admissions assistance is given for children.
Assistance is given to purchase cars, households for the house, provisions etc.


Enquiry Form

Visa PR for Canada,

My name is Ajin Sam Raj and my wife’s name is Steffi Chandra. We were living in Nagercoil, South India, while we decided to use the services offered by Olive Consultants, Chennai. We must say that we never had any anxious moments in our entire visa process to Canada. Mr.Anand and Mrs.Lithia have a great team to support each application. We arrived Canada in 2017. We as a family are well settled here and are always thankful to the support of this team at Olive.

MR. Ajin Sam Raj

PR for Canada

Mr.Shainu Rajan and his Wife Mrs.Angel Preethi are now in Toronto, Canada. Angel was the main applicant. Olive tutored her to score CLB 9 in IELTS. They trusted and enjoyed the services of Olive for their Immigration process fully and submitted all the documents tirelessly. End result, they were able to Immigrate to Canada, with a full time job, even before they left India. It was unbelievable, but true

Mr.Shainu Rajan :


Myself and my family used the professional services of Olive Consultants around 8 years ago. We are now well settled in Toronto, Canada. We are happy to refer their services to any client.


Immigration consultant Canada

It was at a time, when my family was going through some crisis, we approached Olive for Immigration. Their guidance was meticulous and we had a smooth run in our process. We arrived Canada 9 years ago and we are very well settled in Canada.


best visa for Canada

Myself and my wife are Social work qualified. We processed our Immigration application to Canada through Olive. We are happy to recommend their professional services.


, jobopportunities in Canada

“Moving to Australia was one my greatest desire. Olive Consultants really helped me in achieving that. I can say, they exceeded my expectation rather meeting it." Thank you so much and all the very best. Mr.Ramesh and Mrs.Jothi and their children growing up in Toronto

Mr.Ramesh and Mrs.Jothi

PR for Canada

Mrs.Veena Rose Thomas